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Our Customers Say It All...


I bought a puppy from you many years ago. He was the runt of the litter and 6 months old when you sold him to me. I thought you guys would like to know that he has been the best friend, support, cuddle buddy and companion for the last 12 (almost 13) years. He's old and achy these days but still has that energetic puppy attitude when the ball comes out. He lives to play fetch and while we can't play for long these days his life has been full of playing fetch, swimming, hiking, going on boat rides, road trips and having so many adventures together! He's white washed, covered in fatty tumors and skin tags but just recently got a clean bill of health at the vets. I cherish every day we get together.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing my best friend into this world.

Alli Miller
Grantsville, UT


Our boy Baloo is getting so big. Thanks Virginia he is a wonderful addition to our family. Also a friend of mine Jamie might contact you about a dog or just questions. She was asking us about ours so we of course told her all about you and your husband!

Jared Berg
Saratoga Springs

For those of you that don't know about Sadie's dog, Hero, he is a Diebetic Alert dog for little Sadie. I know that Hero is one of the many guardian angels sent to help Sadie in her journey on Earth. A special shout out to the unsung heroes in our lives. Ron & Virginia for their kindness and love shown to our Sadiebug and our family. I'm sure they aren't rich from breeding labs, but they richly bless the lives of their fellowman.  As my grandaddy says, "y'all are good people." God bless you and your families.

Greg & Michelle Brooks
Pleasant Grove, UT

I bought my black pup, who I named Sadie, from you last spring and I wanted to let you guys know she is a great dog. Sadie is not a hunting dog (only because I am not much of a bird hunter) but is a great fishing companion both wading the river and on the drift boat. Thanks for being a great breeder. I will definitely be back in the future. We have a yellow lab who is getting up in age and will look to get a new one when the time comes. See attached pictures from some of mine and Sadie's adventures.


Candy did really well in the last FCI show in Barcelona, she moves like a princess, she got BOB baby, but in the BIS she was so much interesting on the other dogs than in me, to be in the main ring was too much exciting to her, loool, she is going to love the shows! I'll post news tomorrow, but I very happy to tell you that Candy did it again! Castellón dog show BOB puppy (now is puppy class with only 5 months yesterday!) and did best in group 8!!! and I showed in breeding class and my 3 labs, Dolce, Cheri and Candy did BEST IN SHOW.

Paula Quiros Segovia


Hi Virginia and Ron, I just had to show you what a fantastic boy we received from you guys at the end of September. He is everything we wanted and much much more. He and I are in puppy class and I'm learning so much about him. Joey and molly are becoming the best of friends. Thanks for a wonderful addition to our family

Harvey & Lee Heaps (and Molly)

Logan, UT

Hi Gena, just sending some pix. Natyri and Nahvee love each other so much, I'm so happy to have another buddy, thanks again so much, hope everything is going well for you

Amy & Corbin Carter

Payson, UT

Thank you again for my wonderful baby Ditto that turned three today!  I am so proud of him!  In the past year he has been very busy!!  Along with saving my life and taking great care of me, he has ten new titles (8 AKC and 2 NADAC).  He is is Excellent and Masters class agility, Seniors class Dock Diving and has been invited to the Nationals in Reno.  He also titled in Lure Coursing.  He was honored as National Geographic's Worlds Most Devoted Dog, Modern Dogs Magazine featured him and he was featured on the front page of the paper last month for working with kids and yesterday for his service work. I can not imagine life without him!



Natyri and I on the first hike this year, wanted to let you know that she is doing great and that we love going outdoor activities with her, we hope to get another one of your amazing dogs in a couple years, hope everything is going well with you guys.

Amy Carter


Chance passed his first JR HT this past weekend. He is actually starting on Senior work and doing very well. I will probably run one more Junior with him and we'll move him right up. He has some talent and fits my style very well. I'm really pleased with him.

Bruce MacPherson
Coast Range Kennels, OR


So I went from being a relatively healthy active outdoors person to ending up at the critical care unit of our local hospital.  I was diagnosed with among other things adult onset type 1 diabetes.  I am also a brittle diabetic meaning I don't feel my low blood sugar like most people do.  This is extremely life-threatening and I was told by my diabetic nurse in the hospital that I should look into diabetic alert dogs to regain my independence.  I had never heard of such a dog but I started researching immediately.  I soon came across an ad for a started to-year-old diabetic alert dog.  Started meant he was trained but still needed some work I was up for the challenge.  I got on the phone with Casey Owens, Dittos trainer, and after a long discussion we agreed I would fly to Utah to pick him up.  I had no idea what to expect that we bonded quickly that weekend And I was truly amazed with what these animals can do!  The first night home he woke me up in the middle of the night alerted to my dangerously low blood sugar he saved my life because I don't know that I would've woke up the next morning without him.  He is a wonderful part of our family and I hope someday to follow and Casey's footsteps and train these dogs for others.  I have always worked with animals and my husband is a veterinarian so this is a perfect match made in heaven!  His new name is Rosewood's lone Star Ditto And this is us playing in the bluebonnets once we got them back home to Texas.




Hi Virginia and Ron, I just had to show you what a fantastic boy we received from you guys at the end of September. He is everything we wanted and much much more. He and I are in puppy class and I'm learning so much about him. Joey and molly are becoming the best of friends. Thanks for a wonderful addition to our family.

Harvey & Lee Heaps (and Molly)

Logan, UT


Kaibab is doing well.  She is very attentive to every shot, excellent watching them fall and retrieving them, even if they are diving on her.  She's also an excellent marker.  And around the house she's quiet the cuddler, surprisingly.  Another Dog?  We are also thinking about getting one of your male chocolates if one is still available.  Or would you recommend holding off on another dog until Kaibab is fully trained?

Sarah & Eric Fusselman

Pocatello, ID


I just had to write you and tell you about my best friend Roscoe.  You will remember him as "Christmas."  My wife and I got him from you back in May of 2009 and since then he has been an absolute joy in our lives.  He will be 4-years old this Christmas and is truly remarkable. He loves to please with an intense desire to retrieve and a great love for water. More importantly he has been a wonderful companion these past 3 years and has rarely left my side.  He is a gentle, friendly and very obedient dog who loves everyone he meets.  I often get complements about his great looks, athleticism, intelligence and
disposition.  I've sent you a couple pictures of Roscoe's favorite activity: dock jumping competitions where he has excelled in "Big Air," jumping as far as 24 feet!  We went all over the South attending these this past summer while I was stationed in South Carolina.  Many people at these events ask where I got him from, and I always tell them Rosewood Retrievers in Grantsville, Utah.  I couldn't be happier with him, he is the best dog I've ever had and can't thank you enough for him.

Justin Horrell

Logan, UT


Shelby is 16 weeks old now. She is the absolute joy of my life! What an amazing little Labrador she is. She is smart, very affectionate, and so well behaved. I pretty much spend every waking minute with her. She's got a great demeanor which makes training her a breeze. She goes to work with me everyday and gets to socialize with lots of people. I can't keep her out of the pool! She's definitely a Lab in that she loves water. She has started retrieving toys out of the pool too :)

Her beauty has exceeded what I dreamed of. I tell her all the time how beautiful she is. She's just a perfectly well rounded pup. I feel so lucky and blessed to have her. I often think that I should have picked up her sister too. If Ginger and Gander have one more littler, I may need first pick of another female puppy. I'm so happy with the product of their litter. Shelby is such beauty and has a personality to match. I get constant compliments on her.

She has filled out in her rib cage and hip area while her 'Buddha belly' has disappeared. I would guess that she is probably close to 30 lbs now. I'll get her weighed at the Vet tomorrow since she no longer fits on my scale at home :) She has good energy and is more coordinated than ever. I cannot express to you how much I love her and what a joy she is to our family. Thank you for my quality puppy.

Christina Von

Las Vegas, NV


Just wanted to let you know everything is going great with Natyri, shes very smart and sweet. Shes my new hiking buddy. We enjoy her very much. She is very smart and loves to fetch and play in the water, we just really enjoy having her. Thank you,

Amy & Corbin

Payson, UT


The pup is doing fantastic!! She is very smart and picks up things very very quickly, she's almost potty trained. She's very attentive, a fire ball after she wakes up, and a retrieving machine. She's been great!

Sarah & Erik Fusselman

Pocatello, ID


Please feel free to give my number if people ask for a reference. He looks like the puppy from a calendar. He was excellent in the car and already sits at the door when he needs to potty he learns so quick.

Jake Heinert

Aurora, CO


Sage is doing excellent!  She has been a trooper and has barely made a sound the whole time!  Josh loves her and thinks she is a "good lookin" pup.  As you can see from the picture, jacob likes her a lot too!  She ate all her dinner with much gusto!  Thanks again for everything, we'll keep ya posted!

The Fulgham Family

Brownsboro, TX

[Fuji] is doing great and we couldn’t be more happy with him! He has become a wonderful addition to our family, and he is spoiled rotten! You all have done a wonderful job in training him and we couldn’t be more happy with our FUJI boy! We would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for Labradors!

Sawicki Family

Murray, UT


Zoie is now 2 1/2 years old.  We continue to enjoy her good nature and she  has become a very well trained dog.  Everyone who comes in contact with her leaves loving her.  Thanks for having such great dogs.

Cliff & Jackie Rockhold

GreenRiver, WY

I am loving Blue, but I think he is a little mad at me. He keeps finding the birds and I keep missing them.

Jeff Paiz



Samantha (Sammie) turned 2 July 7th. Having a great time with her.  She went pheasant hunting last November and has great instincts and nose, although she didn’t want to pick birds up. I don’t care as long as she has fun.

Greg Anderson

Dallas, TX

I purchased a female puppy (Riley) from you in January. Riley is about 14 weeks old here.

Ron Jay

Lake Wood, CA

Little Rita is doing great! I like this little dog. Got her to retrieving out to 200 yards. Not bad for just 5 months old.

Steve Shaver
Cornish, UT


I want to thank you for giving me such a great dog, I could not have asked for anything more. You and your husband run a top of the line operation. Storm is now 15 months old and she had a fantastic hunting season; she is a great duck dog and a great upland dog. She had over 50 retrieves before she was a year old


Las Vegas, NV


Last week I took Redd down to Texas for his first round of water dog train, and as you can see he was eager to please. He loves the water and loves retrieving in it. He's going to be a great companion in the blind.

The Strickland Family

Colorado Springs, CO

Latest addition to the Miller family (Charlie). He's made his adjustment very well and is a VERY happy little puppy! Thank you so much for your help. We hope to see you soon for a little bit of training and help. Thanks.

The Miller Family

Midvale, UT

Chloe is almost 5 months now and is even more adorable and smart.  She likes to bring me things like the little toy saucepan that she finds around the house.  She is a good little hiker and still is very affectionate.  We love her and couldn't ask for a better pup!  So glad we found her at Rosewood.

Sue & Chris Mikell

Sandy, UT


We brought our pups home and started working with them right away...I have about decided I will take her and get her started on her JH. I will let you know how it goes.

Joel Arnwine

Carlsbad, NM


[Chaco] has to be the sweetest, loving and smartest puppy in the whole world.  I absolutely love this puppy.  She knew how to use the doggie door the first day.  She  also comes 99% of the time when I call her. I know that your dogs are bred for hunting; however she is going to be a wonderful companion for me and my other lab.

Alice Frank

Grand Junction, CO


Morgan has come a long way, she understands basic commands (sit, stay, heel, and lay down).  She loves the water and is doing teriffic with multiple blind retrieves in choppy water.  We have really enjoyed having her in our home, we were suprised to find out how quite she is.  She very seldomly barks even when we try to get her to.  Thanks so much for helping us get such a great dog, we would reccomend anyone to come and get a puppy from you

Casey & Heidi Olsen

Helper, UT


Enjoying a birthday party:

Black dog out of Sue and Lady - 2006 litter
Brown dog out of Gander and Ginger - 2007 litter

Tim & Celest Skinner

West Jordan, UT


Here are couple of pictures of the black female lab [that] I recently purchased

Danny Wadhams

Las Vegas, NV

Brew is a year and a half old now (12/25/08) and we would like to get him a yellow playmate. We had Brew fixed about a year ago and he is pretty docile, which we like.  We are looking for another dog that isn't necessarily an hunter, but instead a lover.

Brant & Rachel Curtis

Orem, UT


The pups traveled great and are healthy.  My pup is worn out from all the kid attention but made her first bumper retrieve today

Nathan McDonald
Carlsbad, NM


Maggie is coming along well and I am hoping she will be ready to compete in Jr this summer or fall.  She is super chargie and if a bumper is in play she is hard to stop.

Nathan McDonald
Carlsbad, NM

What a smart and willing gal [Tess] has proven to be. It is hard to believe that she is just a year old.  She is calm and very focused. It takes but a few moments to teach her anything new.  She still loves to play like a goofey pup and seems to be able to separate the two activities very well.  She absolutely loves the grand kids and is quite gentle with the youngest (18 months).  Our son is so impressed that he is hoping to purchase a dog from you in the future

Gary & Bonnie Armsby
Palisade, CO


Sammie is a great pup and we are certainly enjoying her!

Connie & Greg Anderson
Dallas, TX

Here are some pictures of deek.  I took him out for his fist bird hunt and he made 6 clean retrieves. He is still 110% energy and it gets a little draining at times.  However it will be great to have a dog that can go all day in the field

Ted Schaffer
New Castle, CO

We named him Leo and he is a wonderful pup! He has grown very tall - and he is about 15 lbs. He has been keeping Jet (our golden retriever) very, very busy! They get along well - Leo follows him around everywhere - which has really helped in housebreaking and on walks with the leash. Leo has already been swimming a little bit in the pool and we plan on taking him to the beach very soon which I think he will really enjoy.

Christine Georgeadis
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

WOW, what a good girl!  She is a little spitfire.  She is settling in just fine, she really loves my son.  The two of them are already hard to separate, she cried for about 10min today after he left for school.  A good route with the stuffed duck, and all was well.

Jeff Barnard
Hudsonville ,MI


Hazel is a wonderful puppy. I love her so much. I can't stand to leave her at home so I take her everywhere I go. She has such the personality. She will talk to you and just look at you and it makes me so happy. You guys did a good breed mix. She is so perfect. Everyone loves her too. People are always complimenting and saying how beautiful she is. I honestly don't know how I could make it through without her.  She is our baby girl!  She brings so much joy in our lives.  She is so loyal and lovable.  She is so smart.  Hazel is a hunter, we shot a duck and it ran off.  Hazel wouldn't give up...She finally got it up out of the weeds.  Her favorite thing is to chase them down.

John & Elva Shephard
Stockton ,UT

Tess is about 42lbs now and is healing, sitting, staying. I have her holding, force fetching and she just started walk and force fetch. She learns quick and is a retrieving machine...she is like a bolt of lighting to the ball or dummy or whatever toy she is after. She has also retrieving dead birds and never even gave it a second thought. She is such a fast learner and absolutely bumper crazy. I think this spring I will try to hunt test her.

David W. Williams
Baroda, MI

Zoie at 4 1/2 months. She is now 35 pounds. We have been working a little on retrieving and she gets excited about it. She is a very quiet dog so far - no barking!  We are working on having her stay on her pillow when she comes into the house. She is doing pretty good. We are trying to work with her 15 minutes a day. All of her shots are completed and she has checked out great with the vet. We are sure enjoying her.  Thanks for a great pup.

Cliff & Jackie Rockhold
Green River, WY

I thought I'd write a note to let you know how much our family loves Barkley.  It's hard to believe he's been here less than two seems like he's always been part of the family.  He's very smart and easy to train, loves taking walks with my wife and I and our basset-lab mix and isn't shy around the pool.  Barkly is a wonderful dog!

The Huermann Family
Scottsdale, AZ

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