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In Loving Memory

Lloyd G. Faulkner

Founder of Rosewood Retrievers

September 18, 1929 - June 7, 2008

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Lloyd G. Faulkner, was born on September 18, 1929 in Chicago, IL. He trained dogs for Trials and Hunt tests for many, many years.

In aproximately 1995, I called my dad and asked him if he would train a Labrador for me, for hunting (I’m an avid bird hunter). I told him I had already saved money toward it. He said he would, but it would be awhile to find just the right dog. I almost thought he had forgotten about it when, in 1997, he called and said he had a puppy for me. He said there was a catch though...I had to come to California to pick him up and to bring his grand kids to see him. So we loaded up the truck and off we went.

When we arrived he showed me the most beautiful puppy I had ever seen. His name was Sue but he was a boy dog (go figure). My dad said he was going to be so good no other dog would dare tease him. Sue is directly out of Ebonstar Lean Mac and especially back in 1997 that was THE puppy to have, and he just gave him to me. But my dad said there was another catch YOU have to train him, and at least get a Junior title on him. I had never even trained a dog to sit, let alone be a hunt test dog. But I proudly took my puppy home. I called my dad almost daily with many many questions and he would answer them with great wisdom and advice. Well, I made it with Sue and he not only got a Junior title, he also got a Senior title with a lot of hard work and, yes, frustration.

But that wasn’t enough for me, no. Now I told my dad I wanted to breed Labradors and start a kennel. So my dad started looking for GOOD females for me and bought Rose and gave her to me. Then asked if I wanted to have a puppy out of his wonderful dog Goose (who has produced many titled dogs) and gave me my second female Lady. Also he has given us many other wonderful dogs like Sasha, Gopher and a fantastic stud dog Tag. Now my husband and I own this great kennel Rosewood Retrievers and have 16 dogs that we breed and compete with.

Dad, what this article is all about is to thank you. You taught me all I know about this industry - Oh I read books and watched videos and went to seminars, but NOTHING is like the hands on learning I got from you.

Dad, I love you, respect you and miss you.

Thank you,


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