Our dogs at their proudest!

2020 Dove hunt with Mercedes

2019 Dove Hunt Ron and M&M

2019 Virginia and M&M with a batch of 'woodies'

2019 Dove Hunt with Ron and M&M

2019 Ron and M&M Duck Hunt

2017 Ron & Regan Pheasant Hunt

2019 Dove Hunt with Virginia and M&M

2018 Ron and M&M duck hunt

2017 Virginia and Folger pheasant hunt

2017 Even at 10 years old, Cocoa loves the hunt!

2017 Regan pheasant hunt

2016 Magic and her Snow Goose

2016 Ron and Bentley with a Snow Goose

2015 Ron with Magic & M&M dove hunt

2014 Hank pheasant hunt

2013 Virginia and Sadie duck hunt

2013 Ron with M&M and Sadie duck hunt

2011 M&M, another successful duck hunt

M&M bird hunt

Ron with Blue and geese

Gander with his geese

Ron and M&M bird hunt