Our dogs are winners!  Here's the proof.

2019 Rosewood’s Winston an Ivy League UK

2018 Mercedes winning Best in Show UKC

2014 Bentley UKC Champion

2013 Gander Senior Title

2012 Gander with a Senior Hunt Test pass

2012 Gander with Senior Pass

2012 3-day Rally Trial with Tiara 3 pass

2011 M&M's 1st place win at the rally

2007 Nevada State Championship Tina 4th

2007 Nevada State Championship Opah 3rd

2007 Nevada State Championship Cocoa 1st place

2006 Nevada State Championship Shadow, 3rd place

2006 Nevada State Championship Blue with a Jam

Our winners wall

UKC Show Champion Magic

2014 Sadie UKC Champion

Rose with a Junior Pass

Bentley and Magic winning firsts in confirmation 2014

Rose with Junior Pass

Ron and Teddy with a Junior pass

Tiara's Rally Trial ,3rd place

M&M's Rally Trial, two 3rd place

M&M Rally Tria, took 2nd place

Dad with Tag's Junior pass

Dad with Liner

Dad with Nevada State Award

Bentley winning Reserve Winners Dog


Rosewood Retrievers featured on a custom VISA card

Utah Ducks Unlimited 2018 Calendar

Mayhemmudmotors 20118 Calendar

breeder of merit-2011.jpg
breeder of merit-2011.jpg
AKC 2017-2022.jpg
AKC 2017-2022.jpg

Ron's Breeder of Merit certificate

AKC Breeder of Merit